At Just the Right Book by RJ Julia Booksellers, we believe that the right book in the right hands can change the world.

Just the Right Book is a book subscription service by RJ Julia Booksellers, a brick and mortar independent bookstore in Madison, CT.

For over 30 years, customers have loved visiting RJ Julia Booksellers for staff suggestions. Readers stop in to read the shelf-talkers, browse the displays, and talk with our talented staff of booksellers. This is how they discover exciting new titles, discover which books will appeal to their reading style, and find the book that might entertain, enlighten, or delight them. Visitors ask RJ Julia booksellers to select books for their voracious reading husband, their new grandchild, or their best friend, and RJ Julia has always been happy to offer that service. That’s why in 2009, RJ Julia owner Roxanne Coady launched a subscription service that does just that: Just the Right Book by RJ Julia Booksellers. In a world dominated by algorithms, think of Just the Right Book as your personal book stylist. Just the Right Book is a personal bookseller experience, based on you and delivered to you.

Just the Right Book has helped hundreds of thousands of customers over the last 12 years, which contributes to the program having one of the highest renewal rates in the subscription world. Subscribe, tell us about yourself, and let us send you the right book, each time.

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