Attention, empathy, and a little bit of espionage.

Kate Murphy, author of You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters, answered, “What makes for a great present?” in a New York Times article this past November. Here’s the short answer: Attention, empathy, and a little bit of espionage.

  • Pay attention to the topics that enliven and animate the people on your gift list.
  • Pick up not only on people’s joys and delights but also on their burdens and aggravations, and think of gifts that might alleviate those things.

For over 30 years, readers have asked the staff at RJ Julia Independent Booksellers to select literary gifts for their voracious reading husband, their new grandbaby, or their grieving best friend, and we have always been happy to offer that service. That’s why in 2009, RJ Julia founder Roxanne Coady launched a subscription service that does just that.

A Just the Right Book! gift subscription brings RJ Julia Booksellers’ literary passion and expertise to the comfort and safety of your loved one’s home, combining the convenience of a personal shopper with a love for reading and all things books! In a world dominated by algorithms, think of Just the Right Book! as a personal book stylist.

Our expert staff personalize every book selection and we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers. The proof is in the pudding: Just the Right Book! has one of the highest renewal rates in the subscription world.

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