A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.
Chinese Proverb

Readers, like authors, take inspiration from nature. As daffodils and tulips spring from the ground, perhaps your reading style blooms into something different, encouraged and energized by fragrant spring breezes and longer, lighter days.


Subscribers of Just the Right Book! complete a Reading Profile, which assists our booksellers as they select each book in the subscription, just like picking spring flowers for a beautiful bouquet! The Reading Profile is their guiding light, ensuring we meet our mission of helping readers delight and rejoice in their next book.

A Just the Right Book! subscription brings our literary passion and expertise to the comfort and safety of home, combining the convenience of a personal shopper with a love for reading and all things books!

Just the Right Book! offers:

  • Monthly subscriptions for adults, teens, and children in 4, 6, or 12-month packages.
  • Hardcover or paperback subscriptions or a mix of both.
  • Prices start at just $99 for an adult subscription.
  • Every book is hand-selected and gift wrapped with care.
  • Books can be exchanged at no additional cost.

In a world dominated by algorithms, think of Just the Right Book! as your personal book stylist.

Our expert staff personalize every book selection and we have helped hundreds of thousands of happy customers. In fact, Just the Right Book! has one of the highest renewal rates in the subscription world.

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