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I’m tired.  Anyone else out there tired?

For many the New Year brings resolutions, cleanses, and commitments to more self-care.   These intentions are meant to be restorative, daily routines designed to perk up our skin, delight our senses and energize a weary mind and body. Frankly, this approach feels judgy, implying that whatever I’ve been doing is not good enough. Rather than escalate our devotion to “self care” – a term I have come to loathe – I think we should embrace being tired.

When did being tired become a bad thing?  Feeling tired reflects that I have been completing a lot, experiencing a lot, and giving a lot.  In other words, I feel fulfilled.

However, my dear readers, one thing I have not been accomplishing is reading.  I am reading about what others are reading, or want to read, or what is on the horizon that we will all be reading in June, but not actively reading a single book.  As readers, we get into slumps.  And along with being tired, I think this is okay too.

Maybe the last book you read was so powerful and thought provoking that you are still thinking about it?  Or maybe the book you read was a real dud and the thought of picking up the next title brings hesitation?  We have all been there and I am there right now.

So I ask you, what books have brought you out of a reading slump?  I look forward to reading your responses after a nap.



Letter from a Happy Customer

Just The Right Book makes me so happy!  From the monthly email that tells me a new book is on the way, to unwrapping and, of course, reading each month’s new little gem—I love it!

So glad I found you.

And so glad you do what you do.


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Dear Winter Runner,

I don’t know how you do it! When I see you, I am reminded of the book Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson. You should grab it in paperback because you are a portable beast. Stretch, look out for the ice, and continue to blow my mind with your fortitude.

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