My name is Lou and I work at Just the Right Book. In the early morning I wake my coworker, Britt (you guys know her but no one loves her more than me). I am so excited to go to work.  (Okay, I’m also excited about breakfast and the car ride but it’s really about the work.)  After all, I am a professional.

Some call me JTRB’s HR department because humans are my business. I ensure that my office mates’ hands never succumb to carpal tunnel because every 15 minutes I check in with them for ear scratches. I inspect all pieces of paper that are placed in the recycle bin because we strive to be green at JTRB. The mail carriers know that my bark means “please handle the book packages with care.” And, as the resident office wellness manager,  I insist on a walk at 10 am and again at 1pm.

Hour after hour,  I keep a constant eye on Britt as she devotes herself to selecting books for you fine people. Occasionally I get a bit weary, but I’m vigilant about running a tight ship at Just the Right Book and I carry on even though I’d love to curl up in my comfy bed beside Britt’s desk.

End of the day my dogs are barking. I catch a ride home with Britt, have a nice dinner and then a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow Britt and I will do it all again.

Keep your eyes peeled in future editions for “Lou’s Corner” where I will keep you up to date on my favorite books about ANIMALS!

Fellow canine employees, send me a picture and tell me about your day at work at [email protected]  We will include it in an upcoming newsletter or on our social media.  And don’t forget to remind your coworkers to check us out at for the greatest personalized book subscription service ever (in my humble opinion).

Let me know what you are sniffing,
JTRB Human Ruffsources Manager

Hello, Finger Lakes!

Recently, I took a long weekend to visit you and you are beautiful!  Do you know that?  Of course, you do.  You have the lakes (duh), the farms, the wineries, and the trees. Oh, the trees!  Such variety!  Broadleaf trees, evergreens, and fruit trees combined to make my every sense light up.  My favorite was the black walnut. I was so inspired when I got home, I picked up “The Arbornaut” by Meg Lowman.  As a botanist, Lowman has studied — and climbed! — the world’s tree canopies for the past 40 years. Her passion for trees and their importance to our life, our ecosystem and the future of the planet, is so potent that I’ll never look at a tree the same way again. In fact it makes me want to get outside right this minute and climb a tree. Too bad I’m afraid of heights. So I will happily stay put and keep reading Lowman’s amazing story “The Abornaut.”

If you live in the Finger Lakes region, share with me books that your gorgeous landscape has inspired you to read!  Write to me at [email protected] and let’s talk books!

Letter From a Subscriber

I love picking books for our subscribers, and I love receiving feedback on the selections they received! Here’s a letter from subscriber Jenny.

Dear Britt,

I just wanted to report that I LOVED Leonard and Hungry Paul.  You were spot-on with that choice!

Just the Right Book is the best present I have ever given myself.  I am really enjoying it.

Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf!

Kind regards,

Subscribers, let us know how you’re enjoying your JTRB selections!

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