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Just the Right Book! is here to help! Select a subscription type and frequency, submit your order, and then create an account to tell us about yourself. Based on your unique preferences, we’ll send the perfect book for you, your friend, or your family member.


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How do we pick just the right book? Once you select your subscription, you or your recipient complete our unique Reading Profile questionnaire. Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page here.


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The fun part for you: We select just the right book, hand wrap it with care, and mail it to your doorstep. All subscriptions include FREE shipping!

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At our brick and mortar location, RJ Julia Booksellers, in Madison, Connecticut, we help thousands of customers each year find Just the Right Book! We are fiercely committed to putting the right book in the right hand. A Just the Right Book! subscription brings our literary passion to the comfort and safety of your own home.

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